Sky’z the Limit has athletic programs including basketball during winter and softball in spring. We also work at facilitating employment opportunities for youth with disabilities and their peers.

Some of our community involvement activities are with the University of Colorado Athletic Department, The Denver Nuggets, wellness workshops and dance performances.

We collaberate with many local and national organizations including EXPAND, Pi Kappa Phi of CU Boulder, Special Olympics, Push America, and Surfing The Creative Youth Camp.


Sky’z Athletics: We field unified teams that include youth with disabilities and their non-disabled peers. Basketball and softball are the primary sports.

Self Determination: Sky’z is facilitating training that encourages youth to work with support teams to learn to take control of their lives.

All participants of any Sky’z The Limit activity must have a liability waiver form on file. The waiver must be signed by the participant or legal guardian of the participant. These are requirements of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center, and are meant for the safety of participants.
Any information obtained by Sky’z staff or volunteers is held confidential and will not be sold,
forwarded or released to any entity.

Phi Kappa Phi fraternity Transcontinental "Journey
of Hope" Friendship visit
with Skyz The Limit,
July 6, 2008

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